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Work Life Balance



Work–life balance requires us to consider how all the aspects of our lives are interconnected. 

What happens in our relationships affects our professional-career life and our health. 

What’s going on with our bodies affects our interactions with our friends. 

Money issues can make it difficult to work out relationship challenges or to have fun and relax. 


This questionnaire has five parts:
In PART 1, you will rate your satisfaction with various aspects of your life.
In PART 2, you will type notes about why you gave those ratings and envision complete satisfaction for each area.
In PART 3, you will see your ratings, reasons and vision for each area.
in PART 4, you will see a chart of your ratings
In PART 5, you see your ratings and some suggestions for how to move towards your vision

After you "SUBMIT" your answers at the end of the questionnaire, you will have the opportunity to "PRINT YOUR ANSWERS." 

And on the subsequent page you will see "PDF export". 

Be sure to do all three - click SUBMIT, click PRINT YOUR ANSWERS, and click "PDF export." 

(The information after you click print your answers, while legible, would not be easy to use. 

By exporting the pdf in the program, rather than just printing using your computer settings,

you will see text that is justified and easier to read and use.)

Your responses to this questionnaire are for your eyes only. 

If you do not submit, print, and export the pdf of your report, Dr. Johnson will not be able to retrieve it for you. 

So please submit, print, and export your pdf when those options appear at the end of the questionnaire.